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Urban Forest Strategic Plan

In the spring of 2023, Denver Parks and Recreation and the Office of the City Forester conducted a comprehensive community-wide survey to gather insights from residents regarding their priorities concerning trees and the urban forest across town. This valuable information is currently being utilized to craft the city’s inaugural Urban Forest Strategic Plan. The plan encompasses all trees within the city, whether on public or private property, and aims to enhance existing goals, introduce new ones, and establish a shared and fair vision for the future of the urban forest.

Trees provide numerous benefits, such as purifying the air we breathe, mitigating the heat island effect, and reducing noise pollution. They offer a welcoming environment for outdoor activities, contributing to better physical and mental well-being for residents. Moreover, a thriving urban forest enhances property values, fosters a sense of community pride, and attracts visitors, boosting the local economy. By caring for and investing in our urban forest, residents can actively contribute to a greener, healthier, and more sustainable city for generations to come.

Building on the knowledge gained from the spring survey, we now have a few additional crucial questions to ask. Your input will continue to play a vital role in shaping the plan, and we highly value your participation. Complete survey #2 by September 4, 2023.