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Water, Trees, Life Livestream: Discover Denver’s Urban Forest

Welcome to the Water, Trees, Life livestream!

Grab your family and friends for this interactive, educational show from the Be A Smart Ash team. Each livestream brings the natural world of Denver into the comfort and safety of your living room. The second episode in the series debuted on Friday, July 17 at 11 AM on the Denver Parks & Recreation Facebook page, but you can watch the episode in its entirety above.

In Episode 2, we visited the often-overlooked 14,000 acres of Denver Mountain Parks to explore the relationship between forest ecology and Denver’s drinking water. We then took a trip back down to the city to learn about how we can plant trees to make parks more accessible. Finally, we spoke with a wildlife expert about our urban beaver population — that’s right, Denver has beavers!

In Episode 1, which premiered on May 15, we introduced our audience to Denver’s urban forest, and focused on how we can all help our urban tree canopy survive and thrive. You can watch that full episode below.

We home you enjoyed this fun chances to get outside and explore Denver’s great outdoors, even as so many of us are stuck indoors. If you’re motivated to help us continue to keep Denver’s outdoors so great, consider applying for a free right-of-way tree. Click here to see if you’re eligible.